NOTE: I’ve stopped developing Sansync because my little Sansa Clip died, and I have an iPod Touch now. If Apple would be nice enough to let me access the iPod I would add support to Sansync. Of course they won’t though, so I’m stuck it iTunes.

Sansync is a podcast downloader that I created because I wasn’t happy with any of the other podcast downloaders for mp3 players that are not iPods. I originally built it for my little Sansa Clip, so I called is Sansync. I now use it with my Motorola Droid, and it works as well. I haven’t found a great Podcast player for Android yet, so if I get around to it I’ll try my hand at making one. You can find the downloads for Sansync here. It works for Mac or Windows, and maybe Linux, but I haven’t really tried it.

Sansync is not without faults and bugs, but it works for what I need. I plan on rewriting it with a slicker interface and more efficient threading so that it is more responsive while other tasks are processing. I haven’t decided what GUI toolkit to use on the rewrite. Any suggestions? Sansync is written in Python. I was considering .Net with IronPython, or GTK+.